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Feel free to take a random assortment of practice questions for your Large Goods Vehicle LGV Theory Test, where we cover all sections of the Highway Code. These multiple-choice questions will put your understanding of road rules to the test. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on a specific section below. Keep in mind that the real truck test consists of 100 questions. Good luck with your preparation!

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About HGV theory test


Advice for Lorry Licences

There are two types of licences for driving medium-sized vehicles. The Category C1 licence permits you to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500-7500kg, with the ability to tow a trailer up to 750kg. Alternatively, you can obtain a Category C1+E licence, which allows you to drive a medium-sized heavy vehicle with a trailer weighing more than 750kg. However, the trailer’s weight cannot exceed that of the vehicle, and the combined weight of both should not surpass 12000kg.


Taking your theory test

Before taking your theory test, ensure ample revision to boost your chances of success. Get sufficient rest before the test day, avoid memory-affecting foods and drinks, and feel free to use this website on your smartphone or tablet for last-minute practice tests. You can bookmark the site for easy access.

The theory test consists of multiple-choice questions, quite similar to the ones found on this website, followed by a hazard perception test.


Taking your practical test

When it’s time for your practical test, remember that you’ve invested time and money into preparing for the heavy vehicle test. Don’t overlook the basics you learned while obtaining your car licence, such as stop signs and tailgating.

Pay attention to choosing the appropriate gear and speed for each corner and avoid cutting corners. Long wheelbases make it easier to run over kerbs and roundabouts, so give yourself enough room when cornering.

Using your mirrors, especially the passenger-side mirror, is crucial during the test.


Medical Requirements

As a driver of large vehicles, meeting specific medical criteria is crucial since you’ll likely be responsible for the safe transportation of passengers or goods. These medical requirements apply to both Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) and PCV licences.

To obtain either a PCV or LGV licence, your eyesight must meet the required high standard. If you have a disability, you may drive a vehicle that’s been adapted to accommodate your needs. However, you must be otherwise fit and not suffer from any condition that impairs your ability to control a large vehicle.


After passing LGV theory test

After successfully passing both parts of the LGV Theory Test, you’ll receive a pass letter in the mail. Keep this letter safe as it contains the pass certificate number necessary for booking your practical test.

The pass certificate remains valid for two years, starting from the date you passed the first part of the LGV theory test (whichever part you took first). Within this two-year period, you must pass the practical test for the specific vehicle category you intend to drive. Failure to do so will require you to retake both parts of the theory test for large vehicles before booking the practical test again.

More Information:

For those aspiring to drive professionally, passing the Driver CPC case study test is essential, as mentioned earlier. This on-screen test, conducted at a test center, assesses your ability to apply your skills effectively in real-life scenarios related to your job.

The case study questions are based on situations you might encounter in your profession. You’ll need to respond to these questions either by choosing the correct answer from multiple-choice options or by clicking on specific areas of an image or photograph. The test, including introductory screens, lasts for 90 minutes and covers 6-8 case studies, each with 5-10 questions.

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